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Willever-Rupell Society

     The Willever-Rupell Society was created in 2000 as the Willever Society to help the squad offset the cost of paying the mortgage on the squad building. The squad received a large bequest from the estate of Helen and Clark Willever which enabled the squad to purchase the land on which to build the building. Orville L. Rupell, Jr. was a former Township Committeeman and Mayor, a very strong supporter of the squad and a great asset in helping the building become a reality. Orville founded the Willever-Society as construction was underway on the building.  It was renamed the Willever-Rupell Society in 2007 after the death of Orville Rupell. 

    The Willever-Rupell Society covers approximately 40-50 percent of the mortgage payments each year.   Each member of the Willever-Rupell Society donates at least $100 per year to help the squad pay the mortgage on the squad building.  Without the dedication and generosity of these people, the squad building would not exist. The efforts of the Willever-Rupell society have eased a large burden on the squad. There are currently 9 years remaining on the mortgage.  For more information on becoming a member of the Willever-Rupell Society contact us at 908-813-2853.

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