Membership & Employment

We're always looking for more volunteers and career EMT's to join our growing team. 


Help Wanted

Interested in becoming a part of our growing team?

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Volunteer Members


MEMS Volunteers have been and continue to be vital in the operation and success of our organization.  Our volunteer members cover nights, weekends, holidays as well as standing by at community events such as football games trunk or treat as well as other community events.

-No experience necessary. 

-Minimum of 16 years of age for junior membership

-Minimum of 18 years of age for regular membership.

CPR is the minimum requirement to be on the ambulances. 

We have CPR instructors on staff that can help you get started. 

Career Members


Our career members typically work 12 hour shifts and typically cover daytime and some night shifts each week.

Minimum credentials for career members:

-2 years as a currently certified NJ EMT

-ICS 200/NIMS800

-Epi Pen Administration



-Valid NJ Drivers License

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